About me

I'm Nenyo Abla Kwasitsu, I'm famously known to my family and friends as Ablakay or 999😃🤓.
I blog about things that concern me, politics does concern me as well, but there's too much of it in real life for me to concern myself with it in the blogosphere. You're going to hear from me about everything that I care about. So mostly how to be a cheapskate and a better person.
I'm a law student when I remember, no, retake, when I'm dozing over voluminous books in the library. At other times, I am a blogger, a cheapskate, a personal shopper, a Sunday school teacher and a lover of life. As you can probably tell from my posts I'm not married. I'm an unashamed foodian. I'm quite the nerd. Lastly, my motto is why pay full price when half price is even a remote possibility? 😉 You can reach me at Nenyo999@gmail.com.