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Religious Foolishness

As some of you may know, I live outside Ghana now. I am constantly embarrassed by conventional and social media coverage of ongoings in Africa. I say Africa because to outsiders, all black people are from the "country" of Africa. LOL.

In Africa, everything is religion. Everything is superstition. I have been guilty of this myself, attributing misfortune to "house people." If you know you know. Black cats mean your death is imminent. Maybe a deeper look at the negative connotations that the colour black bears may offer some insight into the unfortunate perception of the cat that has the misfortune to be born with dark fur. It is sad that Nigerians especially thrive on making colourist comparisons with Ghanaians in a bid to somehow make a deeply flawed argument that darker skin is a bad thing.

Why is it that every time there's a tragedy at home, we are quick to immediately say God saved me. What about those who died? You think God washes his face upwards? My reli…