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They call me a racialized minority

So i currently live in a "strange new place." This has been a re-education to say the least.  They call me either of two names. A "visible minority" or a "racialized woman." 

I am actually invited to identify myself as such to be more favourably considered in job applications and the like. Diversity and inclusion is currently the catch-phrase for this intriguing state of affairs. I have put these words in quotation marks because they are words I have come to learn are supposed to apply to me. It is actually amusing to think about. How could I have lived at least a couple of decades (liar - its more than that but whose counting 😂) so far and not known that I am a racialized woman and a visible minority at that? I guess i should be grateful because i haven't been physically marked with an iron brand. How i got to know that these were my new descriptors was when I attended an event in my  school where indigenous women, visible minority women, racialized w…

Enough of being chill

Me: "I would like to be your girlfriend. its important to me. I know you are reluctant, and i respect your feelings. Still, i need to move forward in life. If, by the end of the year, you don't share my desire to be coupled up then i'll be sad, but i will know it's time to move on" Him: "I definitely understand what you mean. The attraction is really there, we both know that. I don't want to start talking about my goals because we both have them. You're a good woman, it's best i let you know that" From his response, we learn that: He’s not going to change his mind.You can’t change him.