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Free or nearly free things to do in Ghana to enjoy one's self

Hello my dear readers even though I do not update this blog as often as i should, I still have you in mind.
In this new year, I believe everyone should do their best to save up as much as possible.
This post is inspired by my cheap self sitting and wondering how to enjoy life without spending a fortune.


I was seriously wondering how to chill without spending as I was so bored but so not willing to spend a dime. Ghana is too expensive and entertainment choices are limited to food and drinks. I'm not willing to spend a fortune on mediocre food and overly expensive drinks when i can buy the ingredients and the drinks from shops around, sit at home and enjoy myself. So far as I know as far as other entertainment options are concerned, there is a mini-golf place, a go-karting places, beaches, but is that all that is available? Especially as these places cost a fortune?
For these reasons i put together a list of possibilities for fellow cheapskates!


1. Declutter your room and sell the stuff you no longer have use for on tonaton or other online shops (money making weekend).
2. Hike the Aburi Mountains; it's free and you get in some exercise as well.
3. Go to the Legon Botanical Gardens or any other park close to you.
4. Play indoor games like oware, ludo, scrabble, monopoly, card games or even tic tac toe.
5. Host a bring your own food and drinks party and watch new and strange friendships blossom.
6. Learn a new skill like sewing, hairdressing, painting, cooking.
7. Read a book.
8. Create a new recipe.
9. Those of you with little children around, play with them.
10. Create a piece of art for your home; paint, craft, needlework some decorations.
11. Sort, print and organize photos on your phone and computer.
12. Take pictures.
13. Make a budget.
14. Re-design a room using what you have at home using Pinterest for inspiration.
15. Make lists like meal plans, back-to-school lists, market lists.
16. Write your goals
17. Host a clothing swap.
18. Write.
19. Play a video game.
20. Organise your cabinets.

Enjoy your free time for free.

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