Monday, 26 September 2016

Taking the leap

Things I've always wanted to do that seem so impossible to do;

Travel the world
I'm an adventurous woman. The thrill of what could be around the next turn always gets me. If I could I'd be a work nomad. Become an African woman rolling stone. No moss on me baby, no moss. Financial constraints have kept me limited to exploring Ghana. Which is super cool especially because I'm always up for attending church funerals that take place outside of Accra. This way I've managed to see many of the regions in Ghana for free ๐Ÿ˜‰and eat of their cuisine.
Now I'd like to see Morocco to try an authentic tagine, pretend I'm in the Casablanca movie.
I'd like to see Zanzibar because the name sounds poetic and exotic. It makes me want to go skinny dipping in broad daylight.
I'd like to see and eat Thailand. I hear the street food is amazing.
I'd like to see and shop watches in Switzerland.
Swallow raw herrings in the Netherlands.
Eat peach cobbler in the American South.
See the sights of New York and if my luck holds attend one of the Queen Bee's concerts.

Write a book 
I've always dreamt of writing a book. Whenever I google how to start writing, the usual answer is to just write. You know free writing and the like. But one day I'll write. Simply because I've accumulated so many gorgeous looking books to write in. The funny thing is that I used to write poetry when I was really young. Who knows maybe I'll be able to capture that spark again.

Become more confident with my driving 
This one is easy because all i need is practice, practice, practice. One day me too I'll overtake somebody while playing really loud music.☺️๐ŸŽถ๐Ÿค“

Learn how to make croissants from scratch 
I saw a YouTube video on it and I was like what???? It was so time consuming and the amount of butter that goes into it is mind boggling. But I'm planning for it seriously. When I'm down to 64 kilos I'll make croissants to celebrate.

What have you ever dreamt of doing? Don't be like me, actually do it!