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Losing Weight The Lazy Way

I'm medium height, about 5ft 4inches. I'm told that's tall for a girl. But i'm the shortest person in my family.

The only time i have been skinny in my life was up to about 14 years old. 

As i started puberty, i found i was always hungry. At the same time, i developed a bad ice-cream habit which i haven't gotten rid off to date. Anyway, my weight has to date, ranged from my lowest at about age 21 of 59kg to 83kg (cringe). Although to tell the truth, lately its staying at the 79kg mark.

I'd rather not exercise, it isn't that i hate exercise or anything. In fact about 4 years ago, i took the exercise route and i got down to a lovely 65kg. 

However, i wasn't able to maintain my exercise routine, i was still eating the same and i regained the weight and some. I love food. That's when i told myself that since you can't maintain the exercise thing, why don't you try weight loss from the food angle? 
Then i remembered that i had successfully done so about 9 years earlier.

I was in my first year in University and i was visiting my aunt in Abuja, Nigeria. She was always on my case about my weight. So i started to listen a little bit. She had all these alternative health remedies books lying around. I did a lot of research. I found out about intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting or IF as it is commonly known has many forms.

For me, i decided to skip breakfast and eat 2 meals. This meant i ate at about midday and had a banana at night if i was really starving. That was it. For the first three days or so, i was starving so much. Then i guess my stomach shrank and i was no longer feeling hungry from my restrictive diet. In a month, i lost about 10 kg. My aunt was so happy.

When i returned home to Ghana my mother was worried. I think she thought i was sick or something. It turned out that she wasn't the only one. I actually had a girl come up to me on campus to insinuate that i had some disease that had caused me to lose weight. At that point, i regret to say that, at the time, i cared too much about what other people thought that i immediately started to eat more, so as to gain back the weight and be normal to the world again.

All that hard work undone by a few careless words. Anyway, i have never been called a quitter.

So i put on all the weight again plus some as usual. Then my clothes stopped fitting me properly and i started to feel unhealthy. Since i didn't want to go the exercise route again, i decided to research into diet pills. 

The first ones i tried were the Hydroxycut pills from USN, A South African company. I bought them at the Accra Mall Pharmacy for about 100GH.

I've actually tried those twice now. The first time they worked a little bit for me by speeding up my metabolism and suppressing my appetite a little bit. However i had horrible side effects like really strong heart palpitations, dry mouth and insomnia. However, i lost some weight and that made me happy.
The second time i used them, i had all the side effects and no benefit. Yes, this time i didn't lose a single ounce.

For my next foray, i decided to go local. I used the Fatless mixture and capsules from the Malarigo Co. Ltd, North Kaneshie after my younger sister told me about her overweight friend who had used them and had lost so much weight. That bit excited me. That cost me about 60GH. It came with an instruction sheet which was basically a diet plan, which i didn't follow. I took them all right, but there was no change in my appetite and i didn't lose any weight. That led me to suspect that i had probably been sold snake oil. In my opinion, if people are losing weight on this drug, then its probably because of the diet plan. So maybe the Malarigo people should stop selling the drug and just sell the instruction sheet.

You would have thought i had learnt my lesson by now. But i hadn't.

A friend of mine who runs a pharmacy, told me about this drug they stocked called Duromine which was very successful in appetite suppressing. As usual, i got super excited and convinced him to get me some to try for free. However, he told me the retail price is 110GH for 15 capsules. A pack has 30 capsules and is 220GH. 
He was right. The Duromine suppressed my appetite and made me want to drink a lot of water because i had dry mouth. I also had insomnia the first three nights.
But i lost some weight and that made it a successful diet drug in my opinion. In about three weeks of using it, i had lost about 5 kg. However, it stopped my period. That got me worried about its possible effect on my fertility and so i stopped taking it.
And i kept off the weight for some time because the drug stopped me from craving food for some time. 

However, because i stress eat, i gained the weight again.

So i returned to the Duromine again and i'm losing the weight. My stomach is flatter and food is no longer the most important thing to me.

I'm not advocating the use of Duromine. I would advise anyone who contemplates using a diet drug to see his or her doctor beforehand. I don't want any wahala on my head. I'm just sharing what worked for me and what didn't.

Tell me all about your weight gains and losses and worries in the comments!

So i took Duromine for a month. Three days on it and three days off it. I am 11 kilos down!!!!!! Its made me more mindful of what i put in my mouth. Whenever i feel like eating when I am not hungry, i ask myself, what is the problem? That way, i am able to decide that ok maybe a walk would be a better option, or a call to a friend, or a new and interesting book to read. Basically anything but eat!
See you at the 65 kilogram mark!

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