Thursday, 26 May 2016

Conversations that in my opinion should not be had with a significant other.

Weight change convos

For example your personal person loses or gains a significant amount of weight and it really isn't your cup of tea, please, please never say, "I think you need to lose/gain some weight." Apart from being painful to hear, it's seriously disrespectful. The only acceptable time that Not only is that incredibly hurtful to hear, but it's also just plain rude. The only time it's cool to talk about is if you think there's a health related situation. If it's about they not fitting your ideal of an acceptable aesthetic, then please stay silent. Convos like that may cause self esteem issues and may defeat the entire purpose of the convo in question. This is simply because talking about weight in certain ways is just telling your so-called personal person that they do not live up to your standards of beauty. Most of all, please  avoid making any passive-aggressive comments or jokes about your partner's appearance.

Comparing them to exes

Maybe it's true your ex may have been better in certain ways. However, if they had been so perfect y'all would still be together and not in each other's pasts.
Trust me when I say that the changes you may have envisaged that particular convo evoking would not happen. If anything, your current boo may shift even further information in the opposite direction from your ex and it's a cos 90 job. We're all different and that's what makes us awesome in our own ways. If you don't appreciate me the way I am, the way is your front for you to return to the ex.

Going In Depth About Past Sexual Experiences

This next item is so important. Your current boo may ask about your sexual past, but believe me when I say they don't really want to know. It's a trap! The fallout can go two ways. Either they'll start to compare themselves to that ex and even obsess over the smallest aspects of the story or use that information against you in really hurtful ways.

Analyzing Their Money Spending

If you're not married or living together, stay out of your partner's financial decisions. There's a reason it's the main things even married couples fight about. That information can be figured out when talk of marriage starts. But until then don't even try to chop pepper for somebody else's mouth.
Asking Uncomfortable Questions You Don't Really Want The Answer To
For example, asking your partner if you're finer than some other person, or what your score is on a scale of one to ten. You're simply setting up this person you claim to care about for failure.

Criticizing Their Family

There's a strong possibility that you may not like your boo's family and that's cool. What is not cool is badmouthing them to him. What would happen is that you're going to find out the real meaning of blood is thicker than water because family is forever and who knows whether y'all are going to stay together?

How You Don't Like Their Friends

Unless your boo's friends are truly horrible and rude to you, don't talk about how much you dislike them. Having a conversation with bae about how they're not the kind of people you think they should be hanging out with will not end well. You can vent to your friends but trying to destroy close relationships won't help you out in the long run.

Telling Bae That You Have A Crush On Someone Else

People get's part of being human. You don't need to tell your partner every time someone else catches your eye- it will only make them less secure and more clingy. Don't be dishonest, but also avoid the conversation where you tell them all the other people you find attractive. If you have a serious crush that could turn into something, then yeah, be honest. But if it's just a silly attraction thing, you're better off keeping it to yourself.

Hypothetically Talking With Them About Breaking Up

Having a conversation about breaking up can be very detrimental to your relationship. There's a difference between saying, "Hey, these are all the things that aren't working in the relationship" and, "Wouldn't it be crazy if we broke up?!" The former clues your partner in to what's bothering you and gives them a chance to fix it. The former will just drive your boyfriend crazy.That's not healthy communication- that's emotional terrorism.

Which of these conversations have you had with your boyfriend?
How did it go?