Thursday, 21 April 2016

Women are single because of men

Why would I state that women are single because of men?

Some guys are eye-red and just plain greedy.

Let's understand something, Mr. Man you're definitely not perfect, so how on earth do you expect your lady to have the complete package? Ama may be pretty with solid curves but be lost in the wonderland called the kitchen, you know the habitual mistaking of sugar for salt, uncooked rice masquerading as cooked and so on? For Ama, there may be a man willing to teach her to cook and bring balance to the home. Mr. Man, the greed must stop. No lady is an angel. Akua may be quite plain in appearance and be straighter than a stick but may be well-spoken, polite, intelligent and God fearing but that earthly part of you wants Aba who is the exact opposite and a player of the best kind. She shows you pepper and you're quick to call all females heartless players. Mr. Man, na who cause am?

Commitment phobic guys

If only some guys would admit from the onset to their target female that ma'am I just want to date you, you know, nothing serious. Rest assured that there are some females willing to roll like that with you. After all, different strokes for different folk. An average lady in her mid to late twenties wants a serious and committed relationship and that's just when Mr. Right is still counting how many females he has slept with and how many more he can add to the notches on his bed post. I mean seriously? 

Caring and maturity 

Can a guy be available emotionally for his woman without her having to ask all the time? By being sensitive, I mean in being there for your woman all the time, without her asking. One of the saddest realities of our times is that age really is just a number. A guy may be in his mid to late thirties and still be immature and still be busy playing the field. He can't be limited to a single female, however he expects faithfulness from that unfortunate female. Cash isn't all a female requires. No it isn't. It's care she needs even though she may not be able to articulate it herself. When a man isn't available to a woman, she may begin by asking for his money all the time. The money may come and then she starts sounding off about the guy not caring for her. Women are not a cipher. Show her you've got her heart in good keeping and a man can smile all the way to the bank.

No female would want to be with a broke man. My definition for a broke man isn't one who earns peanuts, no way it isn't. To me a brokeass man is one who lacks money sense, he has neither ambition nor vision. A real man, should know how to leverage his earnings such as they are in such a way as to increase his investments, improve upon his life as well as that of his loved ones. 

Indecisive men
A wishy-washy man is a waste of time. A man who doesn't know whether he's coming or going, is unable to make his own decisions is a turn off for smart females Nothing puts a girl off like indecision. Mr. Man, kindly make up your mind that it's that particular female you want in your life, warts and all. Don't waste anyone's time.

It is extremely unfortunate that everyone is quick to blame a single lady in her thirties for supposedly messing up when she was younger. No-one even considers the possibility that maybe, just maybe there's a guy who's fault it is.
Mr. Man my advice to you is that sure you can date any female you want to especially if she's willing, so long as you know what price you are ready to pay. If you know in your heart of hearts that this relationship is too high maintenance for you, I beg you, please don't go into it before you hurt two hearts. If you ask out a girl with the price of your entire monthly earnings on her head in the form of a Brazilian or Peruvian or Mongolian wig, and she knowing what you don't, kindly turns you down, don't get angry and disrespect her. She's actually helped you a lot. Monkeys play by sizes. You can't afford to date a girl with champagne tastes when you have beer bottle pockets. However, if she likes you and gives you the green light then you can and should date but always remember that when you're dining with the peasants and she's having pheasant with royalty that it was your choice.