Wednesday, 27 January 2016

It's cool not to have it all together

You know there are times when it feels like everyone else has it all together, you look at their social media posts, their shiny cars, their sleek clothes and you think wow that girl or that guy has it all together. So if you are like me and don't have it all figured out, this post is for you.

They really do not have it all figured out just like you. Those assumptions you make, you know, those ones that make you feel so tiny and irrelevant in the general scheme of things, ARE WRONG. Don't assume because of Facebook posts or that shiny car that your friends have it all figured out. You are only getting a glimpse of what they choose to show you and the rest of the world as their reality. In keeping up with the Joneses we all try hard to put our best foot forward and make sure no-one ever sees the tears of the clown when there is no-one else around (thank you Smokey Robinson for that reference). it is time we came to the realisation that we are all trying to figure this thing called life out, and it's not always as pretty as it looks.

It's going to be fine. Even when our bank accounts have some coins in it, skin looks fresh with no acne or pimples, social calendars are full, job seems to be working out and things look well planned out, don't be fooled and think you get to control it all, and releasing that illusion of control feels good. Everything planned and waiting for that perfect orchestration or not, remember we are but pencils in the hands of God, because i really am sorry to break it to you so harshly but things may not turn out the way you thought and planned for. Things won't meet your expectations. However, some things will exceed your expectations.                                                                 

You probably have more figured out than you think. Some advice here; those times when you feel and are weighed down by that terrible certainty that you have no idea what you are doing, where you are going in life, bring out your phone and make a list of what you do know and where you have been. Sometimes looking back at where one has been is helpful in helping one appreciate what one does have. Practicing an attitude of gratefulness is always a help. Count your blessings.

In conclusion, it is the times when you feel you don't have it all figured out that God sends beautiful and unexpected moments of providence.So embrace the now. Enjoy your current situation while it lasts because you would miss it when it is gone.