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Taking the leap

Things I've always wanted to do that seem so impossible to do;

Travel the world
I'm an adventurous woman. The thrill of what could be around the next turn always gets me. If I could I'd be a work nomad. Become an African woman rolling stone. No moss on me baby, no moss. Financial constraints have kept me limited to exploring Ghana. Which is super cool especially because I'm always up for attending church funerals that take place outside of Accra. This way I've managed to see many of the regions in Ghana for free 😉and eat of their cuisine. Now I'd like to see Morocco to try an authentic tagine, pretend I'm in the Casablanca movie. I'd like to see Zanzibar because the name sounds poetic and exotic. It makes me want to go skinny dipping in broad daylight. I'd like to see and eat Thailand. I hear the street food is amazing. I'd like to see and shop watches in Switzerland. Swallow raw herrings in the Netherlands. Eat peach cobbler in the American S…

Exploding the myth of equating a woman's worth to her fertility

I just read an article on a Ghanaian online newspaper I read quite frequently. A woman had gone with her boyfriend to a pharmacy to purchase abortion pills. After she took one of the five she had been given, she had to go to the hospital because of the severe pain she suffered. While recuperating she left her hospital bed and went to a radio station to talk about her ordeal. The interesting part of this whole thing for me were the comments. She was castigated for making the choice to have an abortion, even the president came in for his share of insults.

I thought it an opportunity to share my thoughts on abortions with respect to Ghanaian women. Basically abortion is legal in Ghana. A quick perusal through the Criminal Offences Act 1960 confirms this. However the general notion is that abortion in Ghana is illegal. This however doesn't detract from the fact that I am of the opinion that abortion is wrong except for reasons of incest, rape, health concerns and so on. I believe most w…

Woman take back your crown

Shout out to Rita for being the inspiration behind this post❤️❤️❤️
I know saying NO is sometimes hard to do especially as women since we're conditioned from birth to say yes all the time so that we won't be called disrespectful or lazy and so on. Even when it's in our best interest to say no. We overstretch and overburden ourselves saying yes to all sorts of nonsense.  We say yes to men just to bear the dubious honor of being in a relationship or being married. A single female friend of mine shared an experience she had with me. I'm sharing it here because it has a direct bearing with the topic I'm speaking on today. She explained that she got into an angry argument with a colleague which ended with the colleague asking her why she would be jealous of her, especially since she's married and my friend isn't. And the funny thing is that this is a strong, beautiful, intelligent woman excelling in her career and who just happens to suffer physical abuse at her pr…

Book Review: The Alchemist

I found The Alchemist by Paul Coelho, to be deceptively simple at a first glance, but quite deep in reality. It is about the importance of seeking one’s own meaning of life and spending one’s life fulfilling it. 
Paul Coelho calls it seeking one’s “Personal Legend.” Doesn't that sound sort of fairytale-like? This story about a young Shepherd boy, Santiago who embarks on a courageous journey of self-discovery, comes across like a fairytale. Unlike the classic fairytale however, we are given a process, alongside possible stumbling blocks, set in a coming of age style fairytale. Does that even make sense to you?
Coelho explains that there is the need to come to the realization that our lives are dictated by what is acceptable. This is revealed in our customs, our family traditions and expectations of how our lives should be, the laws of the land where we leave and tradition. We must be willing to strike new paths in a brave new world to find a special Personal Legend. We must be willin…

Losing Weight The Lazy Way

I'm medium height, about 5ft 4inches. I'm told that's tall for a girl. But i'm the shortest person in my family.

The only time i have been skinny in my life was up to about 14 years old. 

As i started puberty, i found i was always hungry. At the same time, i developed a bad ice-cream habit which i haven't gotten rid off to date. Anyway, my weight has to date, ranged from my lowest at about age 21 of 59kg to 83kg (cringe). Although to tell the truth, lately its staying at the 79kg mark.

I'd rather not exercise, it isn't that i hate exercise or anything. In fact about 4 years ago, i took the exercise route and i got down to a lovely 65kg. 

However, i wasn't able to maintain my exercise routine, i was still eating the same and i regained the weight and some. I love food. That's when i told myself that since you can't maintain the exercise thing, why don't you try weight loss from the food angle?  Then i remembered that i had successfully done so ab… Review - The Regimen Review 
Bad acne has been my bane for the past ten years or so of my life. i have tried a lot of things, from a dermatologist at Rabito Clinic in Osu (that one was very harsh on my pocket and it didn't even work), to cheap medications that were recommended to me, to really expensive treatments from neighbourhood beauty supply shops.  i was tired of being all dressed up and looking good to go some place and some stranger would walk up to me and say "oh i have a product that you can use to clear your pimples". i mean, come on, at least begin with you're looking good mpo eh. lol.

For some time now i have been seeing mention of whenever i google stuff about acne treatment. i finally gave in and went to the site. The first thing i noticed was that they mentioned that they do not do paid advertisements, that they rely on word of mouth recommendations. That's when i realised that maybe this would be my answer. However, because i live in Ghana…

How to go to Kantamanto or how to go thrift shopping or how to shop at the bend down boutique.

This is a continuation sort of my previous post. Those who know me personally always ask me where I get most of my clothing from. People can never believe the amazing things I find at second hand clothing stalls and they want to know how they can do it too. These tips have been tested in Accra, Kumasi, Belle Marché in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire and in Abuja, Nigeria. Weep no more as here are my tried and tested tips!

1. Dedicate a day to thrift shopping:   The second hand clothing stalls in Kantamanto in Accra central tend to be located close to one another. Be prepared to go from stall to stall bargain hunting for items that catch your eye. Be prepared as all sorts of offerings are on display; dresses, tops, bottoms, bags, shoes and so on.

2. Know the days fresh bales are opened: This is a pro tip and its Tuesdays and Saturdays or so. I stand to be corrected if I'm wrong. However I've gotten great bargains on other days of the week that I've gone "foss" shopping.

3. …

Money saving tips

In our current economic situation it is necessary to demonstrate financial intelligence and responsibility. I'm a saver thanks to the early intervention by my good friend and pseudo mother Spanky. So today our conversation is going to be on money smartness. You know, some simple ways to help you get started or make a difference. Maybe you have thought of some already, maybe not, but if this helps anyone out even a little, then it is worth my time to talk to you via my hands.
I switched to a savings bank account at Ecobank and that pays some small interest. So I save money, and I make a little extra from the interest. Though I pay a monthly charge of 5gh for the use of my atm card. I got my first checkbook for free. Every cedi counts. I used to have a current account where I had the dubious honor of having to pay bank to store my money for them to make even more money. No interest paid. And I was charged for everything. I was even charged  for checks. With my savings account I'm…

Conversations that in my opinion should not be had with a significant other.

Weight change convos For example your personal person loses or gains a significant amount of weight and it really isn't your cup of tea, please, please never say, "I think you need to lose/gain some weight." Apart from being painful to hear, it's seriously disrespectful. The only acceptable time that Not only is that incredibly hurtful to hear, but it's also just plain rude. The only time it's cool to talk about is if you think there's a health related situation. If it's about they not fitting your ideal of an acceptable aesthetic, then please stay silent. Convos like that may cause self esteem issues and may defeat the entire purpose of the convo in question. This is simply because talking about weight in certain ways is just telling your so-called personal person that they do not live up to your standards of beauty. Most of all, please  avoid making any passive-aggressive comments or jokes about your partner's appearance. Comparing them to ex…

Women are single because of men

Why would I state that women are single because of men?

Some guys are eye-red and just plain greedy.
Let's understand something, Mr. Man you're definitely not perfect, so how on earth do you expect your lady to have the complete package? Ama may be pretty with solid curves but be lost in the wonderland called the kitchen, you know the habitual mistaking of sugar for salt, uncooked rice masquerading as cooked and so on? For Ama, there may be a man willing to teach her to cook and bring balance to the home. Mr. Man, the greed must stop. No lady is an angel. Akua may be quite plain in appearance and be straighter than a stick but may be well-spoken, polite, intelligent and God fearing but that earthly part of you wants Aba who is the exact opposite and a player of the best kind. She shows you pepper and you're quick to call all females heartless players. Mr. Man, na who cause am?
Commitment phobic guys
If only some guys would admit from the onset to their target female that…