Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Reading between the lines of what a man says.

Wow! Its been 3 long years since i last posted here. I'm rejuvenating this blog and once again its about my thoughts and opinions about whatever. My safe space to rant or not.
Today i think i would do a little piece with respect to relationships.

How to successfully read between the lines of what a man says

1. Do not attach emotions to a man's word. 

This means do not get emotionally carried away with the things men say. Come on lets be real. Men know exactly what buttons to push to get certain actions from women. And as a woman myself i know just how easy it is to get carried away by his speech. Always ask yourself : Does he have an ulterior motive with respect to his statements? Is he trying to get into my pants? Is he after my money? What does he stand to gain if i give in to his wishes? Always be suspicious. However, You don't always have to show that you are indeed suspicious.

2. Always listen to a man's eyes more than his mouth!

In other words use your head and not your heart. We women tend to be so very emotional when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex. Let's remember that men are less emotional with respect to the female species. They approach each encounter like a financial transaction. Let's wise up. His mouth is saying Oh baby I love you so much and I will do anything for you even if it means waiting to have sex until marriage. My sister watch his eyes because at that instant that he's telling you all this to make you smile and blush and melt into a little puddle of joy for him to splash in as much as he wants, his eyes are on your chest and he is literally undressing you with his eyes. If you look closely you would see real hunger in his eyes and if he gets you with your guard down, he would literally finish you.

3. What names his closest family and  friends call you is a primary pointer to what he really takes u for

Are you taken to be his classmate or his colleague at work or his church sister? Then my sister run. A man who is proud to have you would claim you publicly. No two ways about it. He would not be afraid of you spoiling his market especially in his neighbourhood, his church, work functions and so on. A word of caution however, there are some men who would do all the above and still be casanovas. For such men, kindly see above two points for further help.

4. Always do your best to access his "sure" level in all situations especially when he's advised. 

How often he dances to your tune or other peoples tunes makes you his level of "sure". We all know that saying that if you don't stand for something, you would fall for anything. A man is expected to be the leader, non? At least those of us with African church upbringings would agree with me. We also know that the woman is the neck to a man's head and so we can make him turn anyway we want. Thats all very nice and proper. However if your man listens to everyone then that head of his would look like a ball being juggled. How often does he listen to you? I mean, actually listen. Because men have learnt to appear as if they are listening when in fact they are doing no such thing. If he listens to your sound advice then maybe you've got a keeper there.

5. Also how often a man changes his mind makes you read between  the lines. 

This is linked to the above point. Any man that easily changes his mind or is easily convinced can easily switch affection to other things or persons  and is often unstable at heart. Note my use of the word persons instead of woman because he can decide one day that he's actually gay. Lol. Today banku and okra soup is his absolute favourite meal, tomorrow its beef lasagna that does it for him. Watch that man well well. 

As for me I've always maintained that your career would never get up one day and say i don't love you anymore.

It takes a strong man ALL of his willpower to change his mind NOT other people's willpower!