Friday, 17 March 2017

Ways we tend to steal from ourselves

Ever wondered where your money disappears to each month? Even when you know you are working really really hard, yet it seems as if you are always broke. Some of us have even been binding non-existent demons. However, the real culprit is probably wasteful spending. Lets consider the following ways we might be shortchanging ourselves;

Using ATMs That Aren't Your Banks

If you use ATMs then consider this; every month your bank, lets say Ecobank, charges you for using your bank ATM, then on top of that you choose to use another bank's, like Stanchart when you need to make a withdrawal, where you're charged GHC 2 or 3 per transaction. You may think that the convenience is worth it, but sit down and calculate and see how much it totals to.

Not Keeping Track of Your Change

While we're on the subject of money, let's talk about change. Coins which we tend to take for granted are a lot of money. Yes, even the Shoprite 1 Pesewa coin, i mean the brown ones. Try totaling the amount we abandon because we decide it isn't legal tender. By picking a single designated spot for spare change and sticking with it, you could save many cedes by the end of the year.
Letting Food Spoil
Cut back on food waste in your home by only buying as much fresh produce as you can realistically consume, as well as keeping a close eye on expiration dates. We should probably try to experiment with cooking by using up all the fresh produce especially before we buy any again.

Paying for Idle Memberships

You know that gym membership you signed up for at the beginning of the year that you are yet to attend even a single session of? Enough said! 
Buying Name Brands
While you should certainly find your favorite products through personal trial and error, chances are you could easily swap out a few name-brand products for the generic version and never notice a difference—with the exception of some extra cedis in your bank account each month. Generally, the generic versions of name-brand products boast nearly identical ingredient lists.

Drinking Bottled Water

Sure, investing in an at-home filter for your tap water will cost more upfront than buying a box of bottled water. However, you'll make up that cost within a few months if you buy yourself a good reusable bottle to fill up at home. 

Not Inflating Your Tires Properly

For those of us who drive, keeping your tires properly pumped will save you fuel money. You don't believe me ? Please check